csa1Fork & Anchor CSA 2016 with Deep Roots Farm

Warmth and fresh produce is on its way! We’re are so excited that the fields at Deep Roots Farm in Southold are sprouting this Spring and we will once again be collaborating with our friend and farmer Tom Hart for our 2016 CSA.

This year’s CSA plan is a bit different than the past. Continuing with the 20-week schedule and hopefully starting at Memorial Day, Deep Roots is offering one size share of $450. The cost breaks down to $22.50/week and they aim to have at least $30 worth of veggies in each box, usually it comes out to quite a bit more, especially when the tomatoes, sweet potatoes and winter squash are rolling in. They are going with one share size this year for a few reasons.  They want to supply everyone with enough vegetables to get through the week and with large enough bunches to make a meal for a few people while at the same time trying not to repeat things two weeks in a row.  So with one sized box, priced near the middle of the full and half shares they feel they find a good balance, and we do to!  Pick Up will also be on Fridays this year, though we can hold and refrigerate boxes for Saturday pick up, if necessary. 

CSA members are Deep Roots priority.  They always harvest everything as close to pick up as possible and save the best stuff for our CSA boxes.  They will also be offering eggs at 5$/dozen for CSA members as well as some discounts at their farm stand. If you are only around until Labor Day, arrangements can be made to adjust the pricing.

Feel free to email or call with any questions. The number at the store is 631 477 3277. We hope you will join us in participating! Erin & Lucy

1 dozen eggs from Deep Roots heritage breed egg laying chickens each week of the CSA season.  They will always be fresh (as in laid within the previous 2 days fresh.) You can expect to see bright orange egg yolks and shells that range in color from pale brown to dark brown to green or blue.

About Deep Roots Farm

Deep Roots Farm is a small family owned farm in Southold. We raise vegetables, chickens and pigs with a focus on environmental sustainability and humane treatment of our livestock.  Our animals spend their time outside on our pastures, eating bugs, grass, excess vegetables as well as organically raised grain from Pennsylvania. The feed contains no GMO’s and no antibiotics.  As we rotate the chickens and pigs throughout the farm they help us prepare the soil for growing our vegetables the following season.  We make our own compost on farm to further improve the health of the soil.  We do not use chemical herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.  You can find our products at our farm stand and a couple local stores and restaurants.  But our CSA members are our priority. We have a huge appreciation for those who believe in our farm enough to buy a share for the whole season.  So we work hard to make it worthwhile for our members.  The prices of chickens and eggs are at a discount from what we sell them for elsewhere and we make sure our members get the freshest chickens and eggs.  As for the weekly vegetable CSA, we save our best and freshest vegetables for our members.  We harvest whatever is at its prime on the day of pick up and always try to load up the boxes to make sure our members get their money’s worth.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique economic relationship because it is a partnership between consumers and farmers. Consumers contract with farmers before the growing season begins, and agree to share the risks and rewards of growing food in their local climate. Farmers are free to practice the art of sustainable farming because they are guaranteed a market and an income; consumers receive fresh, just-picked local produce and the satisfaction of helping to keep local farms in business.

How does a CSA work?

A farmer offers a certain number of “shares” of the farm’s bounty for sale at the beginning of the season. Typically, the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included, such as eggs or chickens. Consumers purchase a membership and in return receive a weekly share of produce each week throughout the farming season. You get the freshest produce, picked at the peak of ripeness – not shipped from across the country or stored for weeks, and at the same time, you are supporting farming as a viable way of life on the North Fork.

How to participate

To sign up click here.